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Rite Tech is a technology support company, dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients. 

Our product offering boasts number of services, ranging from Managed IT Services, Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions, general IT Support, cabled and wireless networking, data backup solutions, Email and Web hosting as well as CCTV Services.


Specialists in all networks ranging from wired to wireless technologies, we keep you connected

Our managed services insure that all your I.T resources are up and running allowing you to focus on your business

Our CCTV division is constantly rolling out projects and upgrades according to our clients demands, using the latest in surveillance technology.

Our VOIP specialist can ensure quality of services at an affordable rate, keeping you connected to the world no matter where you are

Never be caught in the situation where your systems fail and you loose your important information and documents, we ensure 100% information and document backups to the cloud and our servers.

Having an online foot print ensures your business growth by allowing your business to market itself and ensure credibility in this competittive market. We can assist by hosting your email and Websites with backup and failsafes we ensure uptime when others can’t 

Outsourced via Sherlock IT, we offer full maintenance plans, site audits and pagespeed optimization.

Is your wordpress site hacked or broken?

Can fix as well as harden and beef up secuirty to ptrevent future attacks


Where we come from

From our humble individual beginnings around 20 years ago, we each developed our own skills through dedication and persistence; accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the process. We each evolved into being professional service providers for years with dedicated support from our various clients.

Over the last 3 years we each saw the need to expand our individual businesses and after much planning we have now merged to one company, allowing for exponential growth on our fields of expertise.


Who we are now

We believe we are who you have come to know us as – your all-round IT guys. We have been, and are, consistently developing internal systems and partnering with our various service providers to make our product offering wider to our clients. We strive to be your one stop IT Shop.

We are a customer focused organisation who believes that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and that we need to offer the services you need to run you day to day business with products that work for you.


Where we plan to take you

We believe that we will continue to grow as a company and as such will become a cutting edge ICT Company. We would eagerly like to be as-, if not more involved as we previously were with your company in walking alongside you with regards to your technology needs.

Mission Values & Vision

Our Mission

To provide clients with products and solutions, driven by service excellence.

Core Values

  • We conduct ourselves with integrity and tolerate only ethical behaviour.
  • We perform our duties to the best of our ability, demonstrating a commitment to achieving the best results.
  • We are committed to personal development and teamwork.
  • We treat Rite Tech’s assets with respect and are not wasteful.
  • We are committed to communication which enables informed decisions.
  • We ensure compliance with company rules and the way Rite Tech conducts its business.
  • We respect diversity and treat people with courtesy and fairness.
  • We are committed use company information only for the purposes intended.
  • We accept accountability for our actions.
  • We refuse gifts intended as undue influence.
  • We avoid personal and company conflicts of interest.

Our Vision

To consistently exceed the expectations of our customers as a supplier of products, solutions and service.
To be recognised as an employer of choice through a unified commitment to our core values.

Service Level Agreements

Choose Your Plan

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to our clients with include remote monitoring providing remote and telephonic support for a fixed monthly fee. Outsourcing is a strategic tool that can have a powerful positive impact on your organization’s focus, growth, financial stability and productivity levels,

Concentrate on running your business knowing that your IT infrastructure requirements are being dealt with by highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department.

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